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Hikaru no Go, volumes 6-10

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	Hikaru no Go, volumes 6-10 Insei Test, Black Coffee, Trigger Device, The Room of Profound Darkness, Ouza vs. Akira, The Place I'd Like to Return to From Time to Time, Omake - The Haze Junior High Actors Present
14 %     Insei Test, Black Coffee, Trigger Device, The Room of Profound Darkness, Ouza vs. Akira, The Place I'd Like to Return to From Time to Time, Omake - The Haze Junior High Actors Present "Honnouji Enjou"
18 %     The Two Study Groups, Anxiety, Everyone's Tomorrow, Welcome to Class One, Sai's Disciple, Since Then, Young Lion's Tournament, Touya's Turning Around, It's Coming!! Pro Exam
30 %     I Can Play?, I've Come This Far, The Man of the Pro Exam Prelim's First Day, Seeking Three Wins, Pro Exam Prelims Day Two, Pro Exam Prelims Day Three, The Pro Exam, Day 4, And Then..., Team Assembled, Omake - The Haze Junior High School Honnouji Enjou Reh
17 %     Training! Training!!, Can't Win, Four, A Perfect Coincidence, Hon Suyon, Only One Winner, My Name Is..., Main Test Begins, Flood of Wins
19 %     Hikaru vs. Tsubaki, Substitute, Careful Game, Moment of Evil, The Whereabouts of the Win, Waya vs. Ochi, Revival, Unpredictable, Who's This Black?
Number of votes: 103


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