Phote - Hikaru no Go, volumes 1-5

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Hikaru no Go, volumes 1-5

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Hikaru no Go, volumes 1-5 Holy Encounter, From High Above, Point of Defeat, Unforgivable Statements, Akira, Fangs Exposed, Sliced in Half, Three Go Problems Should I Lose?, Captain, Vice-Captain, Third-Captain, Starting Position, Sense of Stimulation, Growth, I Can't Play You, Above the Best, Copy Go, The Plot in the Rain Leave the Go Club!, If Only You Weren't Here, ¥1,000 A Game, The Third Member, The Worst Possible Action, Honinbo Shusaku, Tsutsui's Anxiety, Kaio's Third Captain, Pre-Game You Play, The Third Match-Up, Vision of God, Zelda, Sai, Who is Sai?, He is Not Sai, Akira, Game of Memory Sai vs. Akira, Sai's Identity, 2nd Semester, A 1,000 Years of Selfishness, I Want To See Your Ability, Commencement, Excited Go Club, Each's Decision, The Next Step
13 %     Holy Encounter, From High Above, Point of Defeat, Unforgivable Statements, Akira, Fangs Exposed, Sliced in Half, Three Go Problems
16 %     Should I Lose?, Captain, Vice-Captain, Third-Captain, Starting Position, Sense of Stimulation, Growth, I Can't Play You, Above the Best, Copy Go, The Plot in the Rain
13 %     Leave the Go Club!, If Only You Weren't Here, ¥1,000 A Game, The Third Member, The Worst Possible Action, Honinbo Shusaku, Tsutsui's Anxiety, Kaio's Third Captain, Pre-Game
28 %     You Play, The Third Match-Up, Vision of God, Zelda, Sai, Who is Sai?, He is Not Sai, Akira, Game of Memory
28 %     Sai vs. Akira, Sai's Identity, 2nd Semester, A 1,000 Years of Selfishness, I Want To See Your Ability, Commencement, Excited Go Club, Each's Decision, The Next Step
Aantal stemmen: 130


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