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Hot Lady Nerds

U heeft nog niet gestemd. U kunt stemmen door op de foto van uw keuze te klikken.

Hot Lady Nerds Amy Kivett (DNA Sequencing Engineer for Applied Niosystems) She cracks genetic codes and loves the long ball. Carrie D'Amour (Systems Administrator) Meet a computer diva with a cartoon addiction.  Rachel Osofsky (Medical device engineer) Meet a brainy babe who is as facile with power drills as powder puffs. Sophie Blakemore (  DNA Video-Game Designer for the Creative Assembly) This vixen's idea of a perfect date is curling up in front of the xbox and playing Halo 2. Yes, she's for real.  Amy Buchen (Missile Defense Systems Engineer) She keeps defense missiles in working order.
17 %     Amy Kivett (DNA Sequencing Engineer for Applied Niosystems) She cracks genetic codes and loves the long ball.
16 %     Carrie D'Amour (Systems Administrator) Meet a computer diva with a cartoon addiction.
17 %     Rachel Osofsky (Medical device engineer) Meet a brainy babe who is as facile with power drills as powder puffs.
30 %     Sophie Blakemore ( DNA Video-Game Designer for the Creative Assembly) This vixen's idea of a perfect date is curling up in front of the xbox and playing Halo 2. Yes, she's for real.
17 %     Amy Buchen (Missile Defense Systems Engineer) She keeps defense missiles in working order.
Number of votes: 634


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